Wednesday 1 April 2020

Canada, Quebec: Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths: 33

Quebec’s Premier François Legault, joined by Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec director of National Public Health and Ms. Danielle McCann, Quebec’s health and social services minister held the daily coronavirus Covid-19 update on Wednesday.

Premier Legault announced 2 new deaths because of the virus. The total number of deaths in Quebec becomes 33. There are 499 new cases of COVID-19. Quebec province-wide total is 4,611 cases.

Premier Legault asked Quebec residents not to visit senior homes in some parts of the province to contain the spread of the virus and protect the vulnerable. It is a serious matter of life or death. Older people are more vulnerable to the virus than young people.

More police-enforced restrictions were announced on travel between parts of the Quebec province.

The Quebec government has some orders of personal protective equipment (PPE) that will arrive in the coming days. Some equipment will also be received from Ontario's stock after talking to Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Total Canadian cases:

Confirmed: 9,712
Deaths: 111
Recovered: 1,528

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Above: Flag of Quebec, Canada

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