Thursday 2 April 2020

Canada, British Columbia: Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths: 24

Chief British Columbia Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and health minister Adrian Dix provided an update Wednesday on the province's response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

There are 53 new cases of COVID-19 in the province and 1 new confirmed death. There are now 606 people who had recovered from the novel coronavirus.

Medical masks are certainly very important to frontline workers' safety. People could use homemade masks to prevent the spread of their own droplets. However, staying at home and proper social distancing works very well and should be followed.

In the future, more types of testing kits may become available. At this current time, there are no at-home testing kits available that can be deemed reliable yet.

The tests may show false-positive or false-negative results. It is important to create very accurate testing, so people know for sure if they have this virus. Additional options may be invented in the future, such as tests that can tell people if they had the virus already.

Be careful, evidence certainly says that people may be able to spread the virus before realizing they have symptoms. You could have been not coughing, not sneezing and not having a high temperature. Physical distancing and hand washing remain the best way to protect ourselves. Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreaks have now been confirmed in 21 seniors’ care facilities in B.C.

Total Canadian cases:

Confirmed: 9,712
Deaths: 111
Recovered: 1,528

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Above: Flag of British Columbia, Canada

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