Thursday 23 April 2020

Shakra - Mad World

Shakra is a Swiss hard rock band founded in the late 1990s.

Mad World: Songs Track Listing: (Album released: February 28, 2020):

01 Fireline 3:51
02 Too Much Is Not Enough 3:42
03 A Roll of the Dice 4:26
04 Mad World 3:47
05 When He Comes Around 3:51
06 Thousand Kings 4:23
07 I Still Rock 3:00
08 Fake News 3:51
09 When It All Falls Down 4:26
10 Turn the Light On 3:32
11 Son of Fire 4:17
12 New Tomorrow 5:08


Studio albums:

Shakra (1998)
Moving Force (1999)
Power Ride (2001)
Rising (2003)
Fall (2005)
Infected (2007)
Everest (2009)
Back On Track (2011)
Powerplay (2013)
High Noon (2016)
Snakes & Ladders (2017)
Mad World (2020)

Live albums:

The Live Side (2000)
My Life My World (2004)

Compilation albums:

Life Tales - The Ballads (2017)

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