Saturday 18 May 2024

These space launches are planned for 2024

DW News has the story.

DW is a German public broadcast service.

2023 was one of the most exciting years for space exploration. More people were in space at the same time than ever before. The number of space tourism flights also took off, and India became the fourth country to successfully soft-land on the moon – that's to name just a few highlights. 2024 is set to be just as exciting.

Friday 17 May 2024

Dishonest to suggest Canadian capital gains tax will only impact the rich: Eric Jackson

Dishonest to suggest Canadian capital gains tax will only impact the rich: Eric Jackson

BNN Bloomberg has the story.

The new capital gains tax announced in Canada will impact investors and meme stock traders alike, says Eric Jackson, founder and president at EMJ Capital. He critiques the Liberal and Conservative governments treatment of this new tax issue.

Canada sanctions extremist Israeli settlers

CBC News has the story.

Canada has announced a sanctions package listing extremist Israeli settlers. The CBC's Karina Roman explains its significance and what the sanctions entail.

Canada: British Columbia wildfire threat

CBC News: The National - B.C. wildfire threat

May 13, 2024 - A fast-moving wildfire threatens the northern B.C. community of Fort Nelson. Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, takes the stand at his hush-money trial. Plus, Canadian swimmers dive into high-stakes Olympic trials.

00:00 The National for May 13, 2023
00:58 Fast-moving wildfire threatens Fort Nelson, B.C.
04:06 Wildfires burning in Alberta and Manitoba
04:56 Michael Cohen testifies at Trump criminal trial
08:39 Driver in 401 crash had court order not to drive
10:56 Trial begins for convoy organizer Pat King 
11:23 Protests as Israel marks Memorial Day
14:02 Investigation into clearing of Alberta campuses
14:38 Cancer death rates down, but more ER diagnoses
16:57 Operation to clear Baltimore bridge collapse
18:18 Mussel fishing boat sinks off P.E.I.
18:57 N.B. businessman Arthur Irving dead at 93
22:10 Sebastian Massabie breaks his own world record
22:35 Summer McIntosh vies for spot on Olympic team
25:31 Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki
33:36 Black charity under scrutiny for board contracts
41:48 The Moment | Wedding snake wrangler

Canadian Real Estate Association: Housing market stabilizing amid fewer sales

Global News has the story.

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) says the country's housing market is in its most balanced position for years as inventory approaches more stable levels.

This comes as experts prepare for changes in the final six months of the year, with expectations the Bank of Canada could cut the interest rate.

Global’s Kyle Benning has the details.

USA: Crew trapped on Baltimore ship near Francis Scott Key Bridge, seven weeks after bridge collapse

CBC News has the story.

Engineers in Baltimore used explosives to clear the remains of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, bringing them one step closer to reopening a critical shipping channel. Andrew Chang explains what made the operation so delicate, why the ship and its crew have remained in place for weeks and what challenges still lie ahead.

You can also read more here:

As a controlled explosion rocked the Dali on Monday, nearly two dozen sailors remained on board, below deck in the massive ship's hull.

The simultaneous blasts sent pieces of Baltimore's once iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge into the dark waters of Maryland's Patapsco River, seven weeks after its collapse left six people on the bridge dead and the Dali marooned.

Authorities - and the crew - hope that the demolition will mark the beginning of the end of a long process that has left the 21 men on board trapped and cut off from the world, thousands of miles from their homes.

But for now, it remains unclear when they will be able to return home.

The Dali - a 948ft (289m) container ship - was at the start of a 27-day journey from Baltimore to Sri Lanka when it struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, sending thousands of tonnes of steel and cement into the Patapsco. It left the ship stranded under a massive expanse of shredded metal.

USA and Canada: Interesting facts about the Gordie Howe International Bridge

Here are some interesting facts you may not know about the Gordie Howe International Bridge.

CTV News has the story.

Interesting facts about the Gordie Howe bridge that you may not know. CTV Windsor’s Rich Garton tells us more.

Friday 10 May 2024

Why American Automakers Are Failing In China

CNBC has the story.

Detroit automakers like General Motors made a fortune selling cars to Chinese consumers after the Asian country opened its auto market to foreign firms in the 1980s. But the good times are over as Chinese firms have caught up with the foreign firms who once taught them the automotive trade. Top names like BYD, Geely and Great Wall are now making globally competitive products and many companies with tech backgrounds are entering the industry, too, including Li Auto, XPeng, Nio, Xiaomi, Huawei, Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba. Jeep’s joint venture already went bankrupt, and one industry analyst said he expects Ford and GM to withdraw from the country in the next five years along with other such as Hyundai, Kia and Nissan.

Canada Post considering ending daily mail delivery as financial woes continue

CTV News has the story.

Canada Post is considering ending daily mail deliveries as it faces financial difficulties. CTV's Katie Griffin reports.

There's a limit to how much Canada can lower interest rates compared to U.S.: portfolio manager

BNN Bloomberg has the story.

John O'Connell, chairman and chief executive officer, Davis Rea join BNN Bloomberg, to discuss whether Canada can lower interest rates enough and not hurt the Canadian dollar.

India condemns Canada for Sikh separatist population

CTV Your Morning has the news story.

India’s foreign affairs minister had strong words for Canada in the wake of the arrests of three Indian nationalists for the alleged murder of a Sikh separatist in B.C. last summer.

Canada News: Suspect in Nijjar killing got student visa in “days”

Global National has the story: May 8, 2024 - Suspect in Nijjar killing got student visa in “days”

Two of the men accused of killing Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Sikh activist living in B.C., came to Canada from India on study permits— with one taking just "days" to obtain. As Jeff Semple reports, the revelation has piled intense scrutiny on Canada's student visa system.

Canada: Police remove pro-Palestinian encampment at University of Calgary, clash with remaining protesters

CBC News has the story.

CBC/Radio-Canada is a Canadian public broadcast service.

Using shields, batons and flash-bang explosives, Calgary police officers forcibly removed a group of protesters Thursday night from an encampment set up on the University of Calgary campus. 'No injuries have been reported,' said a statement from the Calgary Police Service.

Canada abstains from UN assembly vote granting Palestinian territories new rights, privileges

CBC News has the story.

CBC/Radio-Canada is a Canadian public broadcast service.

The UN General Assembly has voted by a wide margin to grant new 'rights and privileges' in support of Palestinian statehood and called on the Security Council to favourably reconsider its request to become the 194th member of the United Nations. Canada was among the countries that abstained from the vote.

Canada: Saskatchewan: Strange wreckage discovered on farmer's field - probably SpaceX

Strange wreckage discovered on farmer's field in Saskatchewan: Canada.

CTV News has the story.

A family of fifth generation farmers from Ituna, Sask. are trying to find answers after discovering several strange objects lying on their land.