Friday 24 April 2020

Code Orange - Underneath

Code Orange (known before as Code Orange Kids) is a North American hardcore punk music band that formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2008. The band consists of guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Eric "Shade" Balderose, guitarist and vocalist Reba Meyers, vocalist and drummer Jami Morgan, bassist Joe Goldman, guitarist Dominic Landolina and session drummer Ethan Young.

The band signed to Deathwish Inc. for their 1st 2 studio albums: Love Is Love/Return to Dust released in 2012 and I Am King in 2014. Their 3rd album, Forever was released in 2017 through Roadrunner Records and their latest album, Underneath, in March 2020.

Underneath is the 4th studio album by American hardcore punk band Code Orange, released on March 13, 2020.

Underneath: Track Listing of Songs:

01 (deeperthanbefore) 1:14
02 Swallowing the Rabbit Whole 3:48
03 In Fear 3:21
04 You and You Alone 3:07
05 Who I Am 3:46
06 Cold.Metal.Place 3:04
07 Sulfur Surrounding 3:47
08 The Easy Way 4:26
09 Erasure Scan 2:33
10 Last Ones Left 3:09
11 Autumn and Carbine 3:28
12 Back Inside the Glass 2:35
13 A Sliver 4:37
14 Underneath 4:39

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