Friday, 14 May 2021

Covid: The race to vaccinate the world

BBC News shows that more than a billion Covid-19 vaccines have gone into arms around the world. 

Take a look at how 5 countries - the UK, the US, Canada, India, and Chile - are faring in their vaccination efforts, and what it means for ending lockdowns.

A devastating hurricane hits China! The wind sweeps everything away in Wuhan, Hubei

Vulnerability on Youtube shows the Natural Disaster on 11 May 2021. A devastating hurricane hits China! The wind sweeps everything away in Wuhan, Hubei.

Naturals hazards in 2021 seem to have become more frequent. We do not know what awaits us in 2021. It seems that global warming and climate change affects our Earth.

May 14, 2021 - Tornadoes Hit Suzhou & Shanghai, China

Disaster Compilations on Youtube shows that on the evening of the 14th, extreme weather such as thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes occurred in Wuhan and Jiangsu. Among them, a level 9 tornado broke out in Caidian District, Wuhan, causing 6 people to lose contact and 41 people seeking medical treatment; Shengze Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province was hit by a tornado, resulting in 1 death and 21 injuries.

Worst Natural Disasters in Human History

The Infographics Show on Youtube shows what are the worst disasters that ever happened.

Our planet is a living planet, and the only known celestial body to have both a fully functioning climate system and active plate tectonics. But, all that moving and shaking makes the Earth a potentially dangerous place to call home. Natural disasters happen. See the worst natural disasters in human history.

10 Most Dangerous Natural Disasters

Factnomenal on Youtube shows the most dangerous natural disasters! Crazy weather can come and go but sometimes weather can create natural disasters. From a storm to landslides and tornadoes, this list has everything!

Top 10 Most Dramatic Footage of Natural Disasters Caught on Camera

You really never know when disaster is going to strike. Sometimes cameras capture the drama and devastation. See the most extraordinary footage of adverse natural events caught on camera. WatchMojo on Youtube counts down the Top 10 Most Dramatic Footage of Natural Disasters.

The Dangers of Flash Flooding

The Weather Channel on Youtube shows what flash flooding actually looks like. See the new Immersive Mixed Reality (IMR) - they place themselves in the middle of the action and show the immense dangers of this natural disaster.

A flash flood is a rapid flooding of low-lying areas: washes, rivers, dry lakes and depressions. It may be caused by heavy rain associated with a severe thunderstorm, hurricane, tropical storm, or meltwater from ice or snow flowing over certain ice sheets or snowfields.