Friday, 3 July 2020

Funny geese on ice

Funny gees on ice are pretty amazing. They are being fed some food. They can sure walk around on ice. The feathered friends are enjoying themselves.

It's possible to help ducks and geese weather the bitter cold of winter by giving them some additional attention when the temperatures drop. Geese and ducks are cold hardy and resilient birds. However, (as farm animals) they have some special needs once winter rolls around.

And as long as there is open water, geese can be submerged in cold temperatures.

Cyclists chased by a funny ostrich

This is interesting in South Africa. The Cape Argus Tour is one of the biggest cycling events in the world. These people are practicing riding on bikes. This big bird is amazing. The ostrich didn't have any problem to keep up at 50km/h and apparently they do 70km/h with no sweat. This is amazing.

An ostrich is a fantastic flightless swift-running African bird with a long neck, long legs, and two toes on each foot. Amazingly, it is the largest living bird, with males reaching an average height of 8 feet (2.5 m).

An ostrich is also a nickname for a person who refuses to face reality or accept facts. For example, "don't be such an ostrich when it comes to security systems."

The Amazing Paradise Flying Snake - Wildest Islands Of Indonesia

This amazing snake hunts by flying through the air from forest treetops. Some could say that it is not really flying. It is kind of just falling with style. Regular snakes weren’t scary enough. Snakes sure have evolved to different levels. The cameraman created amazing footage here. These flying snakes are indeed impressive.

There are 5 recognized species of flying snake, found from western India to the Indonesian archipelago. Knowledge of their fascinating behavior in the wild is limited. However, they are thought to be highly arboreal, rarely descending from the canopy. The smallest species reach about 2 feet in length and the longest grow to 4 feet.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Cmd allows organizations to proactively secure their Linux environment

Cmd allows organizations to proactively secure their Linux environment like never before. The company provides unprecedented real-time visibility into user actions, customizable controls, and the ability to stop commands pre-execution without the need for human intervention. Cmd’s aims to allow its customers to get ahead of potential breaches and block malicious attackers without blocking business. The official website of Cmd is

It's interesting to be able to track & control users in Production Linux. It is truly a powerful yet lightweight security platform for fast-moving teams, providing real-time access control and dynamic policy enforcement on every possible Linux instance in your cloud or datacenter.

It is built for Linux in Production.

With the interesting cloud you can build, deploy, and operate software faster than ever before. You don’t have to protect it with slow-moving solutions originally built for desktop admins. Cmd is optimized for agile teams operating high-performance, high-velocity, high-scale Linux important environments.

The benefits:

Vaultless Privileged Access
Enforce privileged access without disrupting your users.

User Attribution & Compliance
Easily identify who’s using shared and privileged accounts.

Monitoring & Incident Response
Real-time threat detection based on MITRE ATT&CK.

Built for Modern, Agile DevOps
Designed with the modern developer in mind.

Built for Modern, Agile DevOps
Designed with the modern developer in mind. Cmd works with popular practices and tools to be a seamless part of the DevOps experience.

Cmd is sure one of the best Cybersecurity Startups To Watch In 2020. It has an interesting ability to deliver unparalleled visibility and control into Linux systems and users for the whole of information security and DevOps.

Cmd was founded in the fascinating city of Vancouver, Canada. They have offices in Canada and the USA.


Vancouver HQ
British Columbia, Canada

Massachusetts, USA

San Francisco
California, USA

How Beavers Build Dams

How beavers build dams is pretty interesting. You can sure leave it to beavers. The story of beavers in North America is interesting. See their history, their near extinction, and their current comeback as modern day so-called eco-heroes.

There are various reasons why beavers build dams. Beavers, of course, are compelled to build dams. Much research has revealed that beavers build dams near the sound of rushing water. Of course, they build dams to provide habitat and protection for their young. It may be surprising to some, but not all beavers build dams. They really need an area to build their lodge, like a riverbank. They need food and access to mates. Water allows them to escape from predators.

Amazingly, it takes a beaver about 20 minutes to cut down a 15 cm wide aspen, by gnawing a groove around the trunk in an hourglass shape. A beaver's jaws are so strong and powerful they can cut a 1.5 cm sapling in one bite.

Beavers are pretty intelligent. They are nicknamed, "Nature's engineers." Beavers are responsible for changing the landscape of wherever they live. Beavers had more safety back in the days before they were exterminated for their fur by humans.

Beavers can actually help reduce the risk of dangerous flooding lower down in river systems by building dams and moderating water flow. The modifications made to the streams can raise the water table locally, creating important wetland areas to the benefit of biodiversity.

Man knocked down by charging deer

This amazing viral video shows the shocking moments when a Charlotte man is run over by a deer outside a McDonald's. The charging deer knocks the man to the ground before running off. The man took quite a hard hit. It seems that the man did not even see it coming to him. Some people might joke that deer are now getting revenge for people hitting them with cars. What an unfortunate event to happen near McDonald's.

Man vs. Canada Goose

This is a pretty interesting battle between a man and a Canada goose. The people laughing are funny. They probably have seen that goose fight people before and knew what the man was walking towards the goose already. This goose was full of purpose. Geese sure can chase people and hiss at people. It's funny how he swings a newspaper. You would be laughing a long time after watching this man's situation.