Sunday 5 April 2020

Toronto Restaurants use "Uber Eats" amid Coronavirus Covid-19 Lockdowns

Toronto restaurants are facing risks of bankruptcy amid the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Many restaurants across the city are struggling to stay operational. 1 in 10 Toronto restaurants now say that they are closed permanently forever.

All non-essential businesses have certainly been forced to close as Toronto battles the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Toronto has over 17,000 eateries. Some restaurant owners say that they can't survive prolonged closures. This is a crisis in the hospitality industry. Many employees are being laid off. There are much losses of revenue for March and April. The lockdowns may be for more future months.

Here are some places in Toronto that use Uber Eats for food delivery.

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  1. McDonald's keeps creating take out orders. It's pretty amazing how they try to fill up as many bags as possible.

    This story below shows a McDonald's room completely filled with delivery bags. This is what the McDonald's at Queen & Spadina location looks like.

    After some people changed their minds, some of the bags on the floor were discarded and not used for any orders.