Sunday 5 April 2020

Construction: Toronto: Bathurst and Lake Shore

The constructions are interesting near Bathurst St & Lake Shore Blvd W. The Gardiner Expy is like a massive bridge overhead. There is much construction on Housey St. Block 37 Trailers are interesting at 3202 Housey St, Toronto.


  1. The coronavirus stopped all the condos developments in Toronto temporary only! We all fight the virus together! Soon all the workers will return. Those modern condos will be occupied. They have the nice view and great facilities. Be prepared.

    1. Ontario sure recently ordered further workplace closures. There are now many halts to many construction projects.

      All industrial construction will be stopped. Only essential infrastructure-related projects will proceed. No new residential construction will take place under the order, adding inspections will be stepped up. However, residential projects near completion will be allowed to continue.

      Ontario government also lowered the number of essential workplace categories to 44 from 74.