Tuesday 21 April 2020

Sylosis - Cycle of Suffering

Sylosis are a British heavy metal band from Reading, Berkshire, England. They are signed to Nuclear Blast Records. The interesting music band has released 5 studio albums, a live album, two EPs and eight music videos. Their 5th album Cycle of Suffering was released on 7 February 2020.

Cycle of Suffering is the band's 1st studio album since their hiatus in 2016. It is also their first to feature bassist Conor Marshall and drummer Ali Richardson, replacing Carl Parnell and Rob Callard. The band moves away from playing in E standard on this album, to D Standard.

A talented music video for the song "I Sever", the first single from Cycle of Suffering, was released for streaming on 6 December 2019.

All tracks are written by Sylosis.

Cycle of Suffering: Track Listing:

01. "Empty Prophets" 3:03
02. "I Sever" 5:08
03. "Cycle of Suffering" 3:32
04. "Shield" 3:51
05. "Calcified" 3:55
06. "Invidia" 4:52
07. "Idle Hands" 4:40
08. "Apex of Disdain" 4:26
09. "Arms Like a Noose" 3:46
10. "Devils in Their Eyes" 3:26
11. "Disintegrate" 4:07
12. "Abandon" 6:06

Total length: 50:52

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