Tuesday 21 April 2020

Norway's Orkla ASA is acquiring Norgesplaster Holding

Orkla ASA is a huge Norwegian conglomerate. It operates in the Nordic region, Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA. The company was founded in 1654. At this time, Orkla operates in the branded consumer goods, aluminium solutions and financial investment sectors. The company's strategic focus is on growth in its branded consumer goods operations. Orkla ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and its head office is in Oslo, Norway. As of 31 December 2018, Orkla had 18,510 employees. The Group’s turnover in 2018 totalled NOK 40.8 billion. The revenue in 2013 was NOK 39,6 billion. Operating income was NOK 4.6 billion (2017). The official company website is www.orkla.com.

At this time, 1 Norwegian Krone = 0.094 United States Dollar.

Here are some of Orkla Investments:

Gränges - Aluminium (Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange)
Hydro Power - Power plants
Sarp Falls - Power plant
AS Saudefaldene (85%) - Power plant
Jotun (42.53%) - Paint manufacturer
Orkla Eiendom - Real estate related to Orkla's own operations
Sapa Group (50%) - Aluminium

Last week, Orkla said that it is acquiring Norgesplaster. Orkla will purchase 100% Of Shares In Norgesplaster Holding. The company will be consolidated into Orkla's Financial Statements as of April 1, 2020. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Norgesplaster Holding AS is located in VENNESLA, AGDER, Norway. It is part of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. Norgesplaster Holding AS generates 1.78 million in sales (USD). There are 52 companies in the Norgesplaster Holding AS corporate family.

The history of Orkla is interesting. Orkla started out in 1654 with pyrite mining at Løkken Verk in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. Later on, the company also started mining copper. However, the copper mining was abandoned in 1845.

In 1929, Orkla became listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. In 1931, the new smelting plant at Thamshavn outside Orkanger was opened. In 1941, Orkla started with a separate investments portfolio, and opened offices in Oslo in 1975. In 1984, Orkla started a major takeover of Norwegian newspapers, creating Orkla Media as one of the three largest media companies in Norway.

In November 2018, Orkla announced that it will acquire Finnish Kotipizza Group. The acquisition helped Orkla to increase its presence in channels growing faster than traditional grocery.

Here are some of the interesting Brands:

Orkla Foods:

Abba Seafood - Seafood
Ahti - Herring
Bähncke - Condiments
Banos - Banana spread
Beauvais - Condiments
Big One - Frozen pizzas
Big One Diner - American food
Bjellands Fiskeboller - Canned fish balls
Bob - Juice, fruit preserves
Boy - Herring
Den Gamle Fabrik - Fruit preserves
Denja - Salads, herrings
Ejderns - Caviar
Ekstrom - Desserts
Felix - Condiments, potatoes, vegetables
Frödinge - Desserts
Fun Light - Squash
Geisha - Rice products
Gimsøy Baker'n - Baking ingredients
Gimsøy Drinkmix - Drink mix
Glyngøre - Herring
Grandiosa - Frozen pizzas (Norway)
Grebbestads - Anchovies
Gutta - Juice
Gøy - Squash
Hold-It - Calzones
Hållö - Shellfish
Idun - Condiments
Jacky - Yoghurts, puddings
JOKK - Juice
K-salat - Salads
Kalles Kaviar - Caviar
Kikkoman - Soy sauces
Kokkeklar - Soups
Kung Gustaf - Seafood
Lierne - Lefse
Limfjord - Seafood
Liva Energi - Energy drinks, protein drinks
Lucullus - Herring
Løvstek - Cube steak
Mors hjemmebakte flatbrød - Flatbrød
Mr. Lee - Instant noodles
Mrs. Cheng's - Asian food
Nora - Fruit preserves, canned vegetables, desserts, squash (Norway)
Nugatti - Chocolate spreads (by Stabburet, Norway)
Nøtte - Hazelnut butter
Pastella - Pasta
Paulúns - Natural food
Pizza Originale - Frozen pizzas
Risifrutti - Porridges
SaritaS - Indian food
Sjokade - Chocolate spreads
Spilva - Condiments, canned vegetables, juices, ready meals
Stabburet Leverpostei - Leverpostej
Stabburet Pai - Frozen pies
Stabburet Picnic - Canned ham
Sunda - Honey
SUSLAVICIUS - Condiments, fruit preserves
Svennes - Caviar
Tomtegløgg - Mulled wine
Toro - Soups, desserts, spices, powdered drink mixes (Rieber & Søn, Norway)
Trondhjems - Canned food
Truly Thai - Thai food
Vesta - Herring
Vestlandslefsa - Lefse
Vossafår - Cold cuts
Önos - Fruit preserves, squash

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks:

Ballerina - Cookies
Bamsemums - Chocolate
Bergene Melk - Chocolate
Bixit - Cookies
Bocca - Chocolate
Café bakeriet - Cookies
Caramello - Chocolate
Crispo - Chocolate
Cuba - Chocolate
Doc - Throat lozenges
Extra - Chewing gum (Distribution only)
Fresh walk - Sandwiches
Gjende - Cookies
Göteborgs Kex - Cookies
Gullbrød - Marzipan
Hjemmelaget Julemarsipan - Marzipan
Hobby - Chocolate
Hubba Bubba - Chewing gum (Distribution only)
IFA - Throat lozenges
Juicy Fruit - Chewing gum (Distribution only)
Julegris - Marzipan pig
Julemarsipan - Marzipan
Kalev - Chocolates, biscuits, cookies, marzipans, caramels (Estonia)
KiMs - Potato chips (Norway, Denmark)
Knott - Candy
Kornmo - Biscuits
Krembanan - Chocolate
Kremtopper - Chocolate
Krokantrøffel - Chocolate
Laban - Candy
Laima - Chocolate (Latvia)
Latfood - Chips (Latvia)
Mokkabønner - Chocolate
Mokkatrøffel - Chocolate
Nero - Chocolate, liquorice (by Nidar, Norway)
New Energy - Chocolate
Nidar - Chocolates, bulk candy (Norway)
OLW - Potato chips
Panda - Chocolate, liquorice candy (Finland)
Panda Liqueur - Chocolate
Polly - Nuts (by KiMs Norge, Norway)
Safari - Cookies
Sfinx - Chocolate box
Skipper - Liquorice candy
Smash! - Chocolate (by Nidar, Norway)
Smørbukk - Caramel
Snøstenger - Marzipan
Stratos - Chocolate
Sætre - Biscuits, cookies (Norway)
Troika - Chocolate

Orkla Care:

Blenda - Laundry products
Comfort - Fabric softeners
Define - Hair care products
Dr. Greve - Hygiene products
Jif - Cleaning products
Jordan - Dental hygiene products, cleaning supplies
Klorin - Chlorine products
Krystal - Cleaning products
Lano - Soap
Lypsyl - Moisturising lip balm (distribution only)
Milo - Laundry products
Naturelle - Soaps
OMO - Detergents
Pepsodent - Toothpaste (distribution only)
Persil - Laundry products
Salmi - Cleaning products
Solidox - Toothpaste
Sterilan - Deodorants
Sun - Dishwashing
Svint - Steel wool soap
Zalo - Dishwashing products

Orkla Health:

Collett - Vitamin supplements
CuraMed - Throat lozenges
Gerimax - Ginseng products
Gevita - Vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, herbal remedies
Litozin - Rosehip powder
Maxim - Sports nutrition
Möller's Tran - Omega-3 products
Nutrilett - Protein bars, dieting products
Pikasol - Omega-3 supplements
Sana-sol - Vitamin supplements
Triomar - Omega-3 supplements
Vitaminbjørner - Vitamin supplements
Vivag - Intimate care products

Pierre Robert Group:

La Mote - Clothes
Pierre Robert - Clothes

Orkla Food Ingredients:

AMA - Margerine
Bakkedal - Butter
BaKo - Baking equipment, cake decorations
Bæchs Conditori - Baked goods
Candeco - Cake decorations, ice cream decorations
Credin - Baking products
Frima Vafler - Ice cream cones
Jästbolaget - Yeast
Kronjäst - Yeast
KåKå - Baking products
Mors Hjemmebakte - Baking products
Naturli' - Organic beverages
Nic - Ice cream accessories
Odense - Marzipan, nougat, chocolate
PureOil - Cooking oil
Sonneveld - Professional baking products

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