Friday 10 April 2020

Funny Wild Canadian Animals - Different Provinces of Canada

This interesting video of wild Canadian animals shows Bison, Moose, Black Bear, Bald Eagle, Mountain Goat, Porcupine, Steller's Jay, Pika, Caribou, Bighorn Sheep, Arctic Ground Squirrel and many more.

Some of the footage was shot in Alaska, however all of the interesting animals shown are native to both Canada and Alaska. Alaska is right on the border of Canada in the north.

Canada lies within the 15 terrestrial and five marine ecozones. The main biomes of Canada are tundra, boreal forest, mixed forest, broadleaf forest, prairies, Rocky Mountains, and temperate coniferous forests which hosts significant fascinating biodiversity.

In recent times, human encroachment has posed a threat to Canada's wildlife. National Wildlife Areas (NWAs) are created to help animals. It's nice to have National Parks, National Wildlife Areas, as well as Migratory Bird Sanctuaries.

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