Friday 10 April 2020

Funny Geese Attack Compilation - Must See Angry Geese

This is a pretty funny Youtube video. You could try not to laugh. It's a hilarious video of people vs geese. These geese are not messing around. Watch them protect themselves and babies from people. See amazing angry Canadian geese.

Geese are often territorial birds. They could sometimes chase or attack humans who disturb their territory. Geese very often chase people. A seriously violent physical attack is rare. Back away from the goose!


  1. It happened with me not once. It wasn't such funny at the beginning!
    I was really scary. These geese were attacked my car as I parked near my office. They were like a fearful kamikaze!
    Two fearless geese followed me, made "hushing sound" and almost attacked me from the back. I ran off, they ran in to me.
    But finally I got a "wayleave" from parking lot to the entrance of the building.
    My laughing coworkers complained about it also all morning...
    (Canadian geese in Toronto)

    1. That's interesting. Hope you can escape Geese. Here's an interesting Toronto news article about Geese Attacking people and cars in Toronto.

  2. Migratory geese and ducks are free of COVID-19: researcher

    Now is the time of year when people throughout the North await the arrival of geese and other waterfowl migrating north - and here’s the good news: as far as biologists can determine, these birds are not infected with COVID-19 and do not carry the virus.