Monday 13 April 2020

Canada, Quebec: Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths: 328

Quebec Premier François Legault said on Saturday that an investigation was underway into 31 deaths at the Herron long-term care home over the past few weeks. At least five were due to COVID-19. It is not known at this time if the other deaths were also a result of the novel coronavirus Covid-19.

Schools will not be re-opened unless the Premier gets agreement from Public Health officials and the province could ensure children are safe.

These are total deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19 in Canadian Provinces at April 13, 2020:

Ontario - 274
Quebec - 328
Alberta - 44
British Columbia - 58
Nova Scotia - 2
Saskatchewan - 4
Manitoba - 4
Newfoundland and Labrador - 3
New Brunswick - 0
Prince Edward Island - 0
Yukon - 0
Northwest Territories - 0
Nunavut - 0

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  1. It is interesting to contemplate why Quebec’s Coronavirus Covid-19 cases have skyrocketed.

    Montreal did emerge Canada’s COVID-19 hot spot. Montreal has about 5 per cent of Canada’s population. However, Montreal has about 1 quarter of the country’s COVID-19 cases.

    The province of Quebec has 22 per cent of Canada’s population. Quebec has about half of the country’s cases.

    A recent spring break and people coming in from other virus-infected cities created more infections in Quebec.