Tuesday 24 March 2020

Theory of a Deadman - Say Nothing

Say Nothing is the 7th studio album by Canadian rock band Theory of a Deadman, released on January 31, 2020, through 604 Records in Canada and Atlantic and Roadrunner Records in the United States.

The song Black Hole In Your Heart is pretty interesting. The lyrics are very well made. These words really sound like great poetry. The imagination is impressive with this:

There's a great big bad black hole in your heart
And it keeps swallowing me up
It ain't hysteria, it ain't mysterious
You are bacteria, infection serious
Your blood is colder than an arctic polar bear
Chest beating faster than two hundred BPM
No one believe in ya, ego anesthesia
It's selected memory, yeah you got amnesia
You've got the confidence to suck us all in
This pit is bottomless, the lies autonomous

Those were some interesting lyrics. I appreciate the effort taken to write this and to sing it clearly. Well done.

The following is the entire track list of the music album:

1. "Black Hole in Your Heart"
2. "History of Violence"
3. "Affluenza"
4. "Say Nothing"
5. "Strangers"
6. "Ted Bundy"
7. "World Keeps Spinning"
8. "Quicksand"
9. "White Boy"
10. "It's All Good"

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