Saturday 21 March 2020

Mystic Prophecy - Metal Division

This music album art looks cool. The 3-headed dog appears to be Cerberus. Apollodorus' Cerberus has three dog-heads, a serpent for a tail, and the heads of many snakes on his back. According to Apollodorus, Heracles' 12th and final labor was to bring back Cerberus from Hades.

Mystic Prophecy is a power metal band from Bad Grönenbach, Germany. Their cool music sound is hard and melodic. It is similar to American power metal bands such as Iced Earth, due to the melodic riffing and powerful use of drumming.


01 Metal Division
02 Eye To Eye
03 Hail To The King
04 Here Comes The Winter
05 Curse Of The Slayer
06 Dracula
07 Together We Fall
08 One With The Hammer
09 Re-Incarnation
10 Mirror Of A Broken Heart
11 Vicotry Is Mine

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