Saturday 21 March 2020

Apocalyptica - Cell-0

Great pleasant-sounding melodies come from this music album. It's nice to meditate and think deep thoughts while listening to this. Cell-0 (Cell Zero) is the 9th studio album by the Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica. It was released on 10 January 2020. It is certainly the band's first fully instrumental album since 2003's Reflections. This is their first studio release since Shadowmaker, released 4 years and 9 months earlier, marking their longest gap between studio albums.

Track listing:

1. "Ashes of the Modern World"
2. "Cell-0"
3. "Rise"
4. "En Route to Mayhem"
5. "Call My Name"
6. "Fire & Ice" (featuring Troy Donockley)
7. "Scream for the Silent"
8. "Catharsis"
9. "Beyond the Stars"

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