Sunday 22 March 2020

Davey Suicide - Rock Ain't Dead

Davey Suicide is an American rock singer and eponymous band. They are based in Hollywood, California. It's funny that Davey refers to it as "Unholy-wood Kill-afornia". The group, formed in 2010, is known for their personas, avant-garde lyrics, stage antics, and big rock anthems.

Rock Ain't Dead is an interesting album released in January 24, 2020. The screams are pretty loud here. This music band could be headed for greater fame.


1 Rock Ain't Dead
2 Medicate Me (Feat. Telle Smith)
3 Animal (Feat. Gustav Wood)
4 One Of My Kind
5 Death Won't Tear Us Apart
6 Flyaway
7 Disappear
8 Sinner
9 Riot
10 Bad Reputation
11 Addict (Feat. Hyro The Hero)
12 I Need You (Feat. Blacklisted Me)
13 I Need You (Original Version)

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