Sunday 22 March 2020

Kaoteon - Kaoteon

Above is KAOTEON's 4th track from their 3rd album "Kaoteon." Kaoteon is a metal band founded by Anthony Kaoteon with origins in the devastated Middle East and a sound blending a brutally dark atmosphere that ranges from anthemic post-rock to oriental/Middle Eastern folklore and incendiary lyrics driven by the band's background in turbulent Beirut, Lebanon. The album was released on January 2020.

Track Listing:

1. Wolves of Chaos 03:40
2. Sun of the East 04:27
3. Broken 04:41
4. Memento Mori 04:45
5. Catharsis in Unison 07:00
6. Gardens of Midas 06:12
7. Acheronta Movebo 04:52

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