Wednesday 18 March 2020

Sumo Tournament started amid virus fears with all seats empty

The Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament opened its 15-day tournament without spectators amid the coronavirus outbreak in Osaka, western Japan on March 8, 2020. SUMO’S spring tournament began behind closed doors. The Japan Sumo Association said that spectators would be barred the tournament in Osaka until March 22.

Japan recently unveiled $4 billion aid package to help economy.

Read more details here: - This is a list of all sumo wrestlers who have reached the sport's highest rank of yokozuna.

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  1. Unfortunately, a Japanese sumo wrestler has tested positive for the coronavirus Covid-19, further threatening postponement of next month’s Summer Grand Sumo Tournament which has already been delayed.

    The Japan sumo association said Friday a wrestler had tested positive to become the first confirmed case from Japan’s ancient sport.

    The wrestler's name has not been disclosed, first developed a fever last week. However, none of his stablemates or officials have complained of symptoms of the virus.