Monday 4 May 2020

Stonus - Aphasia

Aphasia impairs a person’s ability to use or understand words. People who suffer from it may have difficulties speaking.

What's the difference between dysphasia and aphasia? Dysphasia and aphasia have the same causes and symptoms. Some sources suggest aphasia is more severe, and involves a complete loss of speech and comprehension abilities. Dysphasia, on the other hand, only involves moderate language impairments.

"Aphasia" is certainly the long waited Debut album of the Cypriot Heavy rockers STONUS. It was recorded live at Wreck it Sounds Studios in Corinth, Greece. See a combination of psychedelic, stoner, doom and hard rock. Stonus - Aphasia (Full Album 2020) is a pretty interesting melodic music release. It was released March 6, 2020.

Track Listing of Songs:

01 INTRO 00:00
02 AWAKE  00:49
03 APHASIA  08:03
04 MANIA  14:39
05 NADIR  21:14
06 DEAD END  29:47
07 GHOST TOWN  35:21

Vocals: Kyriacos Frangoulis
Lead Guitar: Pavlos Demetriou
Rythm Guitar: Nicky Ray
Bass: Andreas Aristides
Drums: Kotsios Demetriades

Recording: Wreck it Sounds
Mixing and Mastering: George Leodis
Artwork: Diogo Soares

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