Monday 18 May 2020

Bangladesh coronavirus death toll is 349

Bangladesh's Coronavirus Covid-19 death toll has reached 349. Bangladesh has total confirmed virus cases of 23,870.

Analysts think it is likely that Bangladesh will see its coronavirus peak next week. Some experts say herd immunity is the only way to control the spread.

Bangladesh on Monday recorded 1,602 new infections of COVID-19, with 21 deaths. This marks the single day record in the country with about 165 million population.

The first positive case of the virus was recorded in Bangladesh on March 8. The cases and deaths have continued to increase every day.

There is also a storm coming to the Bangladesh area. Cyclone Amphan barrels towards the India-Bangladesh border. The massive cyclonic storm is intensifying in the Bay of Bengal and heading towards the vulnerable Ganges Delta. This large and slow-moving cyclone has a cloud band which is about 2,200km wide and a well-defined (15km) round eye. It sure continues to strengthen.

Total Global Confirmed Cases: 4,795,941

Countries with most Confirmed Cases:

1,506,732 USA
290,678 Russia
247,706 United Kingdom
245,595 Brazil
231,606 Spain
225,886 Italy
180,051 France
176,551 Germany
150,593 Turkey
122,492 Iran
100,340 India
94,933 Peru
84,054 China
79,411 Canada
57,345 Saudi Arabia
55,559 Belgium
49,219 Mexico
46,059 Chile
44,341 Netherlands
42,125 Pakistan

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