Thursday 14 May 2020

Philippines coronavirus death toll is 772

Philippines coronavirus death toll has reached 772. Total number of confirmed virus cases is 11,618.

Tens of thousands under lockdown evacuated as Typhoon Vongfong strikes Philippines.

Massive Typhoon Vongfong has made landfall in the Philippines. This forced the evacuation of 10,000s of people. Although, the country is under lockdown amid the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic.

The typhoon struck eastern Samar at about noon local time Thursday.

Vongfong had intense winds of at least 115 mph.

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Philippines plans to build its way out of the coronavirus problem. Construction will be accelerated after Philippine economy shrinks by 0.2 percent in first quarter.

Airports and roads have been emptied by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Philippines will keep building them, with a $160-billion infrastructure plan to revive an economy.

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The following information is the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University:


  1. Covid-19 is sure a big problem for the country. Philippines also is having problems from the storm that displaced tens of thousands of people.Tropical Storm Vongfong destroyed homes and cut power on the central island of Samar, with fears evacuations could increase COVID-19 spread.

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  2. The Philippines death toll is now 806.

  3. Philippines coronavirus death toll is now 857.