Tuesday, 19 May 2020

South Korea coronavirus death toll is 263

South Korea's Coronavirus Covid-19 death toll has reached 263. South Korea has total confirmed virus cases of 11,110.

After a long five-month break, South Korean students are returning to classrooms. Hopefully, the country will not have a "second wave" of infections.

Recently, there was some worry about a new cluster infections linked to nightclubs in Seoul earlier this month.

However, mostly the Coronavirus Covid-19 situation appears to be under control.

Total Global Confirmed Cases: 4,897,492

Countries with most cases:

1,528,568 USA
299,941 Russia
271,885 Brazil
250,138 United Kingdom
232,037 Spain
226,699 Italy
180,933 France
177,778 Germany
151,615 Turkey
124,603 Iran
106,475 India
99,483 Peru
84,063 China
80,493 Canada

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