Wednesday 13 May 2020

Sweden coronavirus death toll is 3,460

Sweden’s response to the pandemic is kind of different from its European neighbours. Instead of a strict lockdown Swedes are advised to follow social distancing behaviour but without mandatory closures. Public places, bars and cafés have all remained open. This approach has many critics.

Sweden's coronavirus death toll has reached 3,460. Sweden has previously strongly urged people to "think twice" before travelling within the country because of the pandemic.

However, on Wednesday, the Swedish government and Public Health Agency presented new guidelines for domestic travel, which allow for short journeys under certain conditions.

These are the rules:
- the journey should not be longer than 1 to 2 hours by car from your home
- avoid as much as possible direct social contact with elderly people and other groups at risk
- guidelines are not saying that short journeys to visit elderly relatives are now ok
- recommendations are not to take part in large social gatherings
- your ways of travel and accommodation should have as little direct social contact as possible

The following information is from the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University:

Total Confirmed Global Cases: 4,330,982

Total Global Deaths: 295,671

Countries with most deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19:

83,715 USA
33,263 United Kingdom
31,106 Italy
27,077 France
26,920 Spain
12,703 Brazil
08,843 Belgium
07,859 Germany
06,783 Iran
05,581 Netherlands
05,410 Canada
04,637 China
03,952 Turkey
03,926 Mexico
03,460 Sweden

Countries with most confirmed cases of Coronavirus Covid-19:

1,388,002 USA
242,271 Russia
230,985 United Kingdom
228,030 Spain
222,104 Italy
181,518 Brazil
178,184 France
174,098 Germany
143,114 Turkey
112,725 Iran


  1. Here's an interesting article about "Herd Immunity":

    "Herd immunity really does work. Sort of. The problem is that you need a lot of people to be immune for it to take hold. For example, polio needs upwards of 80 percent of the population to be immune for herd immunity to work. Pertussis and measles require more than 90 percent."

  2. More Interesting Detailed Statistics:

    Age, Sex, Existing Conditions of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths

    Not sure if has those based on country of Sweden, but you could try to find it.

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