Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Russia coronavirus death toll is 2,212

Russia coronavirus death toll has reached 2,212. Russia has confirmed 242,271 cases of coronavirus - the second highest toll in the world after the US.

One important difference separates Russia from other nations. Russia's mortality rate from Covid-19 is less than 1%. In the United States, the mortality rate from Covid-19 is 6%. In Brazil, the mortality is almost 7%. In parts of Western Europe, including Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and the UK the mortality rate is over 10%.

Experts certainly want to know why the coronavirus hasn’t killed more people in Russia. The WHO is in talks with Russia about the country’s statistics for coronavirus deaths. At 0.9%, this is far below the global average.

The following information is from the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University:

Total Confirmed Global Cases: 4,330,982

Total Global Deaths: 295,671

Countries with most deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19:

83,715 USA
33,263 United Kingdom
31,106 Italy
27,077 France
26,920 Spain
12,703 Brazil
08,843 Belgium
07,859 Germany
06,783 Iran
05,581 Netherlands
05,410 Canada
04,637 China
03,952 Turkey
03,926 Mexico
03,460 Sweden

Countries with most confirmed cases of Coronavirus Covid-19:

1,388,002 USA
242,271 Russia
230,985 United Kingdom
228,030 Spain
222,104 Italy
181,518 Brazil
178,184 France
174,098 Germany
143,114 Turkey
112,725 Iran

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  1. May 14, 2020 - Russia confirmed 9,974 new coronavirus infections Thursday, bringing the country’s official number of cases to 252,245.

    Early clinical trials of an antiviral drug in Russia have given "promising" results in treating the new coronavirus, a joint venture announced.

    Coronavirus outbreak is thought to be easing in Russia, after daily confirmed cases drop back below 10,000.