Thursday 14 May 2020

Poland coronavirus death toll is 883

Poland's coronavirus death toll has reached 883. Total number of confirmed virus cases is 17,615.

In all, 2,538 people suspected of Coronavirus Covid-19 infections have been hospitalised, 96,708 are under quarantine, 18,256 are under sanitary-epidemiological supervision. So far, 6,696 people have recovered.

The first case of the coronavirus infection in Poland was reported on March 4.

On March 20, Poland introduced a state of epidemic. On March 31, the government announced further restrictions on the movement of people. Some of the restrictions were lifted on April 20. Some further easing was introduced on May 4.

Poland will keep borders closed for foreigners until June 12.

Poland's election will be held on a new date, because of coronavirus postponements.

Film and TV production in Poland is set to resume on May 18. This is happening as the country relaxes Covid-19 restrictions.

Schools in Poland will stay closed until the end of the academic year on June 26.

The following information is the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University:


  1. Unfortunately, in some areas of Poland, cases are rising rapidly.

    Upper Silesia region becomes Poland's coronavirus epicenter

    The rate of coronavirus transmissions in Poland is dropping - except in the southern region of Upper Silesia, where it is rising rapidly. Miners in the heavily industrial region are most at risk.

    Read more information here:

  2. Poland coronavirus death toll is now 907.

  3. You could find more information here about Cases: Country-based, Deaths, Mortality Rate, Transmission Rate, Incubation Period, Age, Sex, Demographics and Symptoms.