Wednesday 6 May 2020

Mindcrawler - Lost Orbiter

Lost Orbiter (2020) is pretty interesting. They were formed 2016 in Munich (Germany). This music is: Stonerrock, Psychedelic, Doom, Prog, 80s Movies, Space, Earth, Coffee and Cake. The fascinating music album releases February 20, 2020.

Munich, Germany

Track Listing of Songs:

1. Valkyries
2. Bigfoot Walk
3. Drake's Equation
4. Red Dunes
5. Trappist-1
6. Dead Space

All words and music by Helge, Joe, Johannes, Tom
Audio engineering and mixing by Joe Wagner
Mastering by Jan Oberg at Hidden Planet Studios
Artwork by hypnotistdesign

Guitar & Vox: Joe
Guitar: Helge
Bass: Tom
Drums: Johannes

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