Wednesday 6 May 2020

Frayle - 1692

Doom/Stoner Duo Frayle was formed in Cleveland in 2017 by Sean Bilovecky and Gwyn Strang.  In addition to Bilovecky and Strang, the band now includes Eric Mzik on bass, Elliot Rosen on rhythm guitar, and Pat Ginley on drums.

Frayle’s music approach is the so-called "lullabies over chaos." They have much freedom in creating heavy music. You could hear some of the heaviest riffs. Gwyn’s haunting vocal melodies will also satisfy you. This music has complex layers. Hear midrange-heavy guitars, syncopated rhythms, and unexpected vocal progressions. This music is inspiring. Sometimes is talks about fragility.

Heavy, Low, & Witchy. Frayle is a doom band from Cleveland USA. They draw their inspiration from bands like Sleep, Portishead, Bjork, Kyuss, & Black Sabbath. This music is nice for the night sky.

Aqualamb Records (US) and Lay Bare Recordings (EU).

'1692' is quite an interesting music album released February 14, 2020. Hear hypnotic rhythms.

Track Listing of Songs:

1. Introduction (Arise) 00:00
2. 1692  02:03
3. God of No Faith  07:13
4. Monsters   11:11
5. Darker Than Black   11:20
6. Dead Inside  15:56
7. Burn  20:30
8. Godless  24:42
9. If You Stay   29:11
10. Stab   33:36

Produced by Frayle
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sean Bilovecky

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