Wednesday 6 May 2020

Handgemeng - Grim Riffer

Grim Riffer (2020) is pretty interesting. The music album was released February 21, 2020. Håndgemeng is a 4 piece hardcore sludge band from Drøbak, Norway. Håndgemeng creates stoner / sludge / doom music in their 2nd release, "MOTORCYCLE DEATH CULT" with groovier drums accompanied by a slow and steady dirty bass, slower and more fuzzed out guitars, and of course the classic Håndgemeng vocals on top of it all.

The early Norwegian black metal scene of the 1990s is credited with creating the interesting modern black metal genre and produced some of the most acclaimed and influential talented artists in extreme metal.

Drøbak, Norway

Track Listing of Songs:

1. Budding Flower 00:00 
2. The Green Man     03:53
3. Pallbearer (Carry Me Home)     10:19
4. Hammer of Witches  16:35
5. Pagan Holiday  22:08

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