Wednesday 6 May 2020

Bonzai - Seeds to Roots

Seeds to Roots (2019) was released January 28, 2019. Bonzai is a stoner rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece formed in 2015. "Seeds to Roots" is the debut album of Bonzai. It is nice to await more from this talented music band.

Track Listing of Songs:

1. Hopeseeker 00:00
2. Praying Mantis  006:15
3. On Repeat    11:19
4. Original Sin  18:07
5. Reaction   23:04
6. Sunshot  29:53
7. Give me no Pain  36:48
8. Seeds to Roots   43:44

All songs written and recorded by Bonzai.
Recording, mixing and mastering was done by Strutter Strutter in Valve Studio, Thessaloniki.
Cover art by Tilemahos Milios.

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