Wednesday 6 May 2020

Diarchy - Splitfire

Diarchy is Prakash Rawat (guitars, vocals) and Gaurav Tiwari (drums). Diarchy's 2nd album is a sharp reflection of changes in the 3 intervening years between this and the band's debut. The duo's growth in these years is displayed in its immense ability to articulate such diversity as rage at political and societal ills, serenity in the security of a strong emotional shelter and thoughtfulness in forging a way forward, all with equal facility.

This great two-piece heavy rock music band is from Bangalore, India. This fantastic music album was released March 27, 2020.

Diarchy - Splitfire: Track Listing of Songs:

1. Kamal Hossen 00:00 
2. Tirunelveli 04:33 
3. Gone Too Late 08:05
4. Splitfire 12:38
5. Home 19:03
6. Badger 22:19
7. Sunny Side Up 26:08
8. Kraanti 30:16
9. Best Way Out Is Always Through 34:27

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