Monday 4 May 2020

Wicked Wizzard - Warlords Of The Dark Realm

Wicked Wizzard - Warlords Of The Dark Realm (Full Album 2020) is a pretty interesting music album release. This is a Stoner Rock Band from Mungia (Basque Country). Basque Country is an autonomous community of Spain.

Wicked Wizzard - Warlords Of The Dark Realm (Full Album 2020). Released February 21, 2020.

Track Listing of Songs:

01. Crypt 00:00
02. Give 'Em Hell 02:30
03. Evil 06:12
04. Master Of All 10:29
05. Blood 15:10
06. Hydromancy 20:36
07. Doomed 21:53
08. Ancient Forest 28:03
09. Dark Realm 31:11
10. The Barbarian 36:14
11. Cosmogony 40:18

Warlords Of The Dark Realm was recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by the big wizard James Morgan in Magic Box Musika (Mungia) during 2019/20.

All songs by Wicked Wizzard

Wicked Wizzard are:

Iñigo Jauregui (Bass and Vocals)
Mikel Bidaurrazaga (Drums)
Unai Minguez (Guitar)

Josu Ferreras played flute on Ancient Forest, James Morgan did the
orquestation for Hydromancy and Crypt, Iñigo and Unai played acoustic guitars on Hydromancy and Ancient Forest. All lyrics by Iñigo Jauregui.

Ilustrations and album design by Mikel Bidaurrazaga.
Photos by Unai Minguez and Xabi Goitisolo.

Wicked Wizzard would like to thank to James Morgan, all the people that helped and supported and of course, to Radagast.

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