Monday 4 May 2020

Baardvader - Baardvader

Baardvader is a fuzzrock 3-piece inspired by 70s and 90s bands mixed with musical stoner elements. They formed in The Hague, Netherlands. Baardvader certainly creates a familiar but unique sound presented in a modern way. After years of playing in and out of different bands, Baardvader returns to the essence of rock by injecting new fantastic energetic energy to the musical genre. The interesting musical creation Baardvader (2020) was released January 31, 2020.

Track Listing of Songs:

1. The Great Escape 00:00
2. It's All Over 07:34
3. Walking on the Moon 13:23
4. Toxins 18:19
5. Falling Down 22:51
6. Rewind 29:52
7. Reclaim Your Mind 35:54
8. Watching Him 40:46

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