Wednesday 6 May 2020

Weed Demon - Crater Maker

Weed Demon - Crater Maker (Full Album 2020) is an interesting new release to listen to. Sludge metal is a genre of heavy metal music that originated through combining elements of doom metal and hardcore punk. It is typically harsh and abrasive.

Having launched on a musical journey 5 years ago with the desire to reflect their sludgy musical ancestors, Weed Demon live up to their early promise on Crater Maker. This musical creation is interesting.

Track Listing of Songs:

1 Atmospheric Drag 00:00
2 Birthquake 02:52
3 Crater Maker 11:27
4 The Elder Tree Pyre 19:56
5 Sporelord 24:35
6 Serpent Merchant 33:25

Vinyl tracklist:

A1. Atmospheric Drag
A2. Birthquake
A3. Serpent Merchant
B1. Crater Maker
B2. The Elder Tree Pyre
B3. Sporelord

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