Wednesday 6 May 2020

Fostermother - Fostermother

Fostermother is a heavy rock / doom metal band formed by Houston based multi-instrumentalist Travis Weatherred. The Self-Titled new release is pretty interesting. The music band was joined by Stephen Griffin as a collaborator and bassist, the debut album will release on 1/31/2020.

Houston, Texas

Track Listing of Songs:

1. Destroyers 00:00
2. Dark Sun 04:35
3. Give 07:59
4. Lie in Wait 13:17
5. Fathoms 18:11
6. Blood on the Wall 22:44
7. In the Shadow 28:03

Tracks 1-4, 6 and 7 written and performed by Travis Weatherred.
Track 5 music by Stephen Griffin. Vocals and lead guitar by Travis Weatherred.

All lyrics by Travis Weatherred

Artwork by Zulfajri Maulana Budianto

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