Friday 10 July 2020

Why The Electron Rocket May Be Cheapest Way To Get To Space

Yesterday Rocket Labs successfully launched their Electron rocket into orbit carrying test satellites - this is exciting. The Electron is small cheap rocket which uses a 3D Printed engine, Electrically driven pumps and composite fuel tanks. All features which are new to orbital launch important vehicles.

All the interesting related videos are to be found on Rocket Labs on Youtube.

It seems Boeing declared rivalry with Space X and now Rocket Labs enters the race. The space industry is getting complicated and interesting. It looks like they are using gaming headsets. This could be fun for them.

Think about the lithium batteries, engines and oxidizer.

What is delta-V? Delta-v (literally "change in velocity"), symbolised as ∆v and pronounced delta-vee, as used in spacecraft flight dynamics, is a measure of the impulse per unit of spacecraft mass that is needed to perform a maneuver such as launching from or landing on a planet or moon, or an in-space important orbital maneuver.

Some may think that it is not size that matters, it's how you use it. Some people want to start building their own rockets.

It's interesting that 3D printed components could be done to develop high enough strength and rigidity to actually function as components of a real functioning rocket system.

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