Friday 10 July 2020

40 Incredible Facts About Space That Are Easy to Remember

Space exploration is one of the most interesting things. Be mind-blown and intrigued. Black holes make sounds, for real. Distant galaxies send radio signals. Did you know - there’s a whole lot of water floating in space. These things make you curious. Scientists keep discovering new things.

Interesting times in the video:
Saturn’s rings 0:22
Metal snow 0:48
What a light-year is 1:30
Water floating in space 1:50
A perpetual storm 2:25
Color me weightless 2:34
Will we with the Andromeda galaxy? 3:00
Why we see the same side of the moon 3:26
Why you'll never see a black hole 3:50
Office of planetary protection 4:17
How much a spacesuit costs 4:55
The biggest diamond ever is a star 5:21
Space silence 6:13
White hole 6:58
What if you shoot at the moon with lasers 7:22
The most productive scientific instrument 8:20
What an astronomical unit is 8:34
The speed is ISS 8:59
Space Surveillance Network 9:10

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