Thursday 9 July 2020

Obstacle Challenge: CAT vs DOG

This obstacle challenge is quite interesting. A lot of things have been put on the floor. Take a look at cats and dogs that try these fun challenges. See which they can pass and which ones they fail. Dogs and cats are pretty smart animals.

You might think about what dog breeds to get. Think about walking in a dog park near me. These are some of the most popular dog breeds:

Labrador Retrievers
German Shepherd Dogs
Golden Retrievers
French Bulldogs
German Shorthaired Pointers
Yorkshire Terriers
Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Siberian Huskies
Australian Shepherds
Great Danes
Doberman Pinschers
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Miniature Schnauzers
Shih Tzu
Boston Terriers
Bernese Mountain Dogs
Shetland Sheepdogs
English Springer Spaniels

The amazing so-called Bernese Mountain Dog is a large-sized breed of dog. It is one of the 4 breeds of Sennenhund-type dogs from the Swiss Alps. Bred from crosses of Mastiffs and guard-type breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs were brought to Switzerland by the Romans 2,000 years ago (quite a long time ago).

The Newfoundland dog is an amazing large working dog.

The Australian Cattle Dog is also simply called Cattle Dog. It is a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for droving cattle over long distances across rough terrain.

Courage the Cowardly Dog is an American animated horror comedy television series. The dog is loyal but incredibly timid. Courage must regularly defend his owners from the paranormal elements that threaten their existence.

The Boxer is an interesting breed of dog. It is a medium to large, short-haired breed of dog, developed in Germany.

Here are some small dog breeds:
Chihuahua (a descendant of a dog known as the Techichi)
Brussels Griffon
Yorkshire Terrier
Russian Toy
Toy Fox Terrier
Japanese Chin

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