Wednesday 6 May 2020

Vinnum Sabbathi - Of Dimensions And Theories

Vinnum Sabbathi - Of Dimensions And Theories (Full Album 2020) is an exciting music album that is pleasant to listen to. Artwork is impressive with outer space, cool planets and space exploration. Music takes you on a discussion about being passive observers of nature and becoming active choreographers of nature. The sound is soothing and enjoyable. Ever wish a dimension existed that was the opposite of human agony.

There is some futuristic fiction here. "of Dimensions & Theories" stands on a thin line between sci-fi and an impending doomed reality. The year is 2061 and humanity is ready to become a planetary force with a complete scientific and technological mastery boosted by the invaluable data transmitted from cosmonaut (not astronaut?) Fritz on her way into a black hole, but the final piece of the puzzle lies hidden in deep space.

There is some kind of threat of nuclear war, disease and the imminent collapse of the environment (known as the Sixth Glare). Humans have set the ultimate expedition. Their mission: to reach and explore the "point one" location in order to collect the missing data required to avoid this crisis and finally leap into inter-planetary conquest.

The futuristic Album is divided into two "Dimensions" and two "Theories", best represented on the vinyl edition. The 12" holds the two sides of this story while the 7" introduces different points of view from the general public about the current situation on the planet.

Vinnum Sabbathi - Of Dimensions And Theories (Full Album 2020): released March 27, 2020:
Track Listing of Songs:

1. In Search of M-Theory 09:14
2. Quantum Determinism 09:14
3. An Appraisal 18:58
4. Beyond Perturbative States 23:28
5. A Superstring Revolution I 28:07
6. A Superstring Revolution II 40:53

Recorded, mixed and mastered by KB in Testa Estudio.
León, Gto. México. January 3rd - 5th 2020.

Cover artwork by Asep Yasin Abdulah

Samples by:

Owen Watts, Manuel Wohlrab, Peter Capponi, Kirill Smolyakov, Alex & Susana Studer, Gussie Larkin, Dawan Fossat, Kennedy Carda, Tom Walkington & Manuel Wohlrab & NASA Archives.

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