Wednesday 6 May 2020

Scream Of The Butterfly - BIRTH DEATH REPEAT

BIRTH DEATH REPEAT is the 2nd album by Scream Of The Butterfly and was released 27th March 2020. Hear musical depth. Hear hammond organ sounds and synthies which are embedded into the songs. Hear vintage rock riffs and smooth desert feeling and even a blues-outro. Get ready for rock and roll.

BIRTH DEATH REPEAT (2020) is interesting. Hear Heavy Rock from Berlin based on 70s Hardrock and 90s Grunge. The music album was released March 27, 2020. ℗ & © by Red Revolver Records.

Track Listing of Songs:

1. The Devil Is by My Side 00:00
2. Higher Place 04:06
3. Desert Song 07:42
4. Soul Giver 12:32
5. Birth Death Repeat 17:38
6. Turned To Stone 20:11
7. Driven 23:52
8. Room Without Walls 27:59
9. I've Seen It Coming 33:18

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