Wednesday 6 May 2020

MIEA - Chaos and Perfections

MIEA is interesting with the original members Simon Kdyr (drums) and Miki Hank (vocals, guitar) did another step forward, and besides the joining of the two new members Dominik Lenart (guitar) and Kamil Oravec (bass guitar). They completed the 2nd studio album.

The 4-piece band from Prague (Czech Republic) had been working all together inside their rehearsal room. The album "Chaos and Perfections" deals with the self-isolation within our own thoughts. They sure worked hard to create the atmosphere of this. Released March 28, 2020.

Chaos and Perfections (2020) is a pretty interesting new album from MIEA. They are from Prague, Czechia.

Track Listing of Songs:

1. Mammatus 00:00
2. Under the Healing Stone 05:07
3. Epiphany of Dying Sun 09:35
4. Your Priest Can't Heal Me 13:12
5. Once Again 19:02
6. Heavy in My Bones 23:37
7. Comfort of Nothing 26:49

Drums recording made by ALUNA Studios
Guitar, vocals and bass recording made by Miki Hank
MIX and MASTER by Jakub Novotny; Kakaxa from 3Bees
Art by Lina Kusaite
Design by Barbora Palatinusova

Rhythm Guitar and Vocals by Miki Hank
Lead Guitar by Dominik "Leny" Lenart
Bass guitar by Kamil "Rollbas" Oravec
Drums by Simon "Keeder" Kdyr

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