Wednesday 6 May 2020

Karpackonaut - Torn From Orbit

Karpackonaut - Torn From Orbit (2020) is pretty interesting by Karpackonaut. The artwork of outer space and stars is impressive. Take yourself on a musical journey. The drumming is sometimes kind of slow and cool.

Εxperimental / Doom / Post-Metal / Sludge 
Limerick, Ireland

Track Listing of Songs:

1. Ether 00:00
2. Makeshift  05:56
3. Lunar Ritual  11:01
4. Hopeless  18:56
5. White Hot  25:45
6. Torn From Orbit  30:29

Were these noises created well enough? You be the judge.

It was recorded in November 2019. These are improv post-rock / sludge /metal jams done in a single take. Roughly recorded in a storage locker, all music written on the fly and left as-is - no prep, no retakes or fixes. Exercises in noises. Loosely space themed heavy melodies, raw sludge, freeform post rock.

Scott - Drums
Mick - Bass, Vox
John - Guitar, Vox

Recorded in Limerick. Art by John.
Self mixed and mastered.

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