Wednesday 6 May 2020

Hyde - HYDE

HYDE (2020) is a pretty interesting new music release. Hyde is powerful melodic rock and heavy Rock. Power Stoner music with grooves of metal music. There were influences and inspirations for this music. Roots go from Black Sabbath to Kyuss or Clutch, among others. Hyde plays with talented refined riffs to create atmospheres as dark as the night or burning as a Mexican desert under the relentless Sun. The drumming keeps a nice beat - it is pretty impressive.

There are also some other people known stage name "Hyde" out there. For example, Hideto Takarai is a Japanese musician.

Paris, France

This music album was released February 29, 2020.

Hyde - HYDE (Full Album 2020): Track Listing of Songs:

1. The Victim 00:00 
2. Black Phillip 04:14
3. Tsunami 10:53
4. D W A G B 16:39
5. Hunter's Run 23:29
6. The Barber Of Pitlochry 30:34
7. Hyde 35:08

Recorded by Julien Fabre
at Studio MGO, Avignon, France

Mixed by Julien Fabre
at Mooncow studios, Gothenburg, Sweden

Mastered by Göran Finnberg
at The Mastering Room AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

© all music by HYDE, all rights reserved

Photography by Sébastien Koegler

Artwork By Fabien A.

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