Wednesday 8 January 2020

Russia Opens Natural Gas Link to Turkey

Russia and Turkey will send the first fuel through TurkStream pipe. The Capacity of new gas line is up to 30 billion cubic meters a year.

Russia is further diversifying export routes to Europe. TurkStream will carry Russian gas under the Black Sea to Turkey and supply southeast Europe when fully operational.

TurkStream has 2 lines running together underwater. Each line has an annual capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters.

The project allows Russian operator Gazprom PJSC to increase its market share in Turkey. The company can also reduce its dependence on Ukraine as a transit route.

Gazprom last month launched the giant Power of Siberia gas pipeline. It runs from Russia’s reserves in eastern Siberia to northern China.

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  1. TurkStream used to be called Turkish Stream.

    TurkStream in other Languages:
    Turkish: TürkAkım or Türk Akımı
    Russian: Турецкий поток

    This is a natural gas pipeline running from Russia to Turkey. It starts from Russkaya compressor station near Anapa in Russia's Krasnodar Region. It crosses the Black Sea to the receiving terminal at Kıyıköy.