Wednesday 22 January 2020

Igorrr - Very Noise

Very Noise is actually the 3rd track from the album Spirituality and Distortion from Igorrr, released in March 27th 2020 on Metal Blade Records. This video looks pretty cool. Lots of imagination and special effects went into it.

Album: Spirituality and Distortion:

01 - Downgrade Desert
02 - Nervous Waltz
03 - Very Noise
04 - Hollow Tree
05 - Camel Dancefloor
06 - Parpaing
07 - Maximum Musette
08 - Himalaya Massive Ritual
09 - Lost in Introspection
10 - Overweigh Poesy
11 - Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano
12 - Barocco Satani
13 - Polyphonic Rust
14 - Kung-Fu Chèvre

Igorrr is actually Gautier Serre from France (born June 5, 1984). He is better known by his stage name Igorrr. He is a French musician. Under the Igorrr alias, he combines a variety of disparate genres, including black metal, baroque music, breakcore, and trip hop, into a singular sound. Serre is also part of the groups Whourkr and Corpo-Mente. In 2017, the Igorrr project itself became a full band. This was with the addition of vocalists Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec and drummer Sylvain Bouvier.

Igorrr uses labels: Ad Noiseam, Metal Blade and Blood Music. The band Website is


Studio albums:

Nostril (2010)
Hallelujah (2012)
Savage Sinusoid (2017)
Spirituality and Distortion (2020)


Poisson Soluble (2006)
Moisissure (2008)


Baroquecore (2010)
Maigre with Ruby My Dear (2014)

with Whourkr:

Demo (2005)
Naät (2007)
Concrete (2008, reiussed 2010)
4247 Snare Drums (2012)
Naät + Concrete (2013, vinyl reissue)

with Corpo-Mente:

Corpo-Mente (2014)

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