Thursday 23 January 2020

Japan - The Fading Economy

This is an interesting Youtube video about the history of Japan. It starts off talking about much of Japan being in ruins after the world war. Japan later had one of the greatest economic growths in history.

Japan became the first of the modern Asian countries to experience massive sustained economic growth. Japan had a lot going for it after the end of the war, it was able to rebuild eventually. In the 1960’s, Japan was growing at a rate of 10% a year. For a national economy, this was unheard of at the time.

The economy of Japan is a highly developed free-market economy. It is currently the third-largest in the world by nominal GDP. Japan is a member of the G7.

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  1. Interesting English - Japanese Translations

    Japan - 日本
    Economy - 経済
    History - 歴史
    Growth - 成長
    Time - 時間
    Market - 市場
    Money - お金
    World - 世界
    Debt - 債務
    Asset - 資産

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