Sunday 26 January 2020

Komatsu Ltd Stock has had its ups and downs over 5 years

Komatsu Limited is a large manufacturing company. Komatsu Ltd. is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures construction, mining, forestry and military equipment. The company also manufactures industrial equipment like press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators. The company headquarters are in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The stock of the company is (TYO:6301). The CEO is Tetsuji Ohashi (From 2013). The website of the company is

In the past 5 years, the stock price has seen its high point of 4,438 JPY on Jan. 12, 2018.

The company has interesting products and services.

Construction, Mining and Utility Equipment:

Construction and Mining Equipment: Electric Rope Shovels, Continuous Miners, Hydraulic excavator, Wheel loaders, Bulldozers, Motor graders, Dump trucks, Mini excavators, Utility Equipment (excluding mini excavators), Other Various Mining Equipment, Other Various Specific Equipment, Parts and Attachments.

Forklift trucks: Electric forklifts and Internal combustion forklifts.

Forest Machines: Harvester, Forwarder, Feller Buncher and other Forestry-specific machines based on construction equipment.

Recycling Equipment: Mobile crusher/recycler [GARA-PAGOS], Mobile soil recycler [RETERA] and Mobile wood tub grinder/recycler [REFORE].

Tunneling machines: Shield machines, Small-diameter pipe jacking machines ("ironmole") and Tunnel boring machines.

Others: Diesel engines, Hydraulic equipment/Axle and Casting products.

Industrial Machinery and Others:

Metal Forging and Stamping Presses: Large presses, Small and medium-sized presses, Press Brake, Laser cutting machines and Plasma cutting machines.

Machine Tools: Transfer machines, Machining centers, Grinders, Crankshaft millers and Battery production unit.

Excimer lasers: Light sources for leading-edge semiconductor lithography tools that require high resolution.

Thermoelectric modules and Temperature-control equipment for semiconductor manufacturing: Thermoelectric modules, Temperature-control equipment for semiconductor manufacturing.

Transport: Offers warehousing and packing services, in addition to the transport of construction equipment and other goods.

Defense-related equipment: Manufactures armored vehicles and ammunition for the Ministry of Defense, Japan.

Here are the Komatsu Subsidiaries:

Komatsu Mining
Komatsu Forest AB
Komatsu NTC Ltd.
Komatsu Industries Corp.
Komatsu Construction Equipment Sales and Service Japan Ltd.
Modular Mining Systems
Komatsu UK
Komatsu Manufacturing Rus, LLC
Komatsu Financial Limited Partnership
MineWare Pty Ltd
Komatsu India Pvt. Ltd.
PT Komatsu Indonesia Tbk
Komatsu Europe International N.V.
Komatsu Marketing Support Australia Pty Ltd
Komatsu Finance America, Inc.
Komatsu Australia Corporate Finance Pty., Ltd.
Komatsu Cummins Engine Co. Ltd.
Komatsu Logistics Corp.
Komatsu Manufacturing Myanmar., LTD
Gigaphoton Inc
Komatsu Industries Europe Gmbh
Komatsu Australia Holdings Pty Limited
Komatsu Silicon America, Inc.
Komatsu Forest, LLC
Komatsu Mexicana S.A. de C.V.
Lehnhoff Hartstahl GmbH and Co. KG
Komatsu Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Cummins Komatsu Engine Company
Komatsu France S.A.S.
Pt Komatsu Marketing and Support Indonesia
Komatsu Holding South America Ltda
Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd
Komatsu Engineering Corp.
Komatsu Financial Europe SA/NV
Komatsu (Changzhou) Foundry Corporation
Komatsu Forklift Asia Pte. Ltd
PT Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia
Komatsu (China) Ltd.
Komatsu Asia & Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Komatsu Castex Ltd.
Komatsu (Changzhou) Construction Machinery Corporation
Komatsu Latin-America Corp.
Bangkok Komatsu Co., Ltd.
Komatsu Capital Europe S.A.
Komatsu Undercarriage China Corp.
Komatsu Used Equipment Corp.
Komatsu Hanomag GmbH
Komatsu Forest Pty Ltd
Komatsu Diesel Co, Ltd
Komatsu Maquinarias Mexico S.A. de C.V.


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