Thursday 21 October 2021

Russia sees record numbers of Covid-19 Coronavirus deaths

DW News shows that Russia is well into its fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. But Moscow is unwilling to put the country in lockdown. Add to that low adherence to hygeine rules and Russia recently recorded 1,000 over 24 hours due to Covid - a record.

That's despite the country's vaccine Sputnik V being the first to be registered for use in any nation. But Russia's population is among the most vaccine-skeptical in the world.


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      Nov 07, 2021:

      India reports 10,853 daily new cases and 526 deaths

      The pace of vaccination is expected to pick up again after seeing a so-called slump during Diwali. The Centre said the states have a stock of 16 crore vaccine doses still to be administered. It also revealed that 36% of the population above 18 years have been fully vaccinated.