Monday 2 November 2020

Geese sleep in Home Depot parking lot at night

Night shift at Home Depot has geese sleeping in the parking lot at night. There was a small bird flying inside the building, as well. The Geese sleep in a strict "V" formation. They are probably getting ready to fly together, again. They need to get rest before flying. They slowly and lazily walk away from humans that come near them. The geese sure made a mess in the parking lot. Well, someone else will clean it up. The geese are ready to walk around anywhere they want to. Canada geese are continuing their adventures.


  1. *Gooses or Goosen

    Please don't use goosist language. Gooses are wonderful creatures and deserve better.

    1. Another goose lover has joined the conversation. Of course, goose is our friend. They deserve all the world.