Monday 9 November 2020

Coronavirus in Spain: Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in Barcelona

Anti-lockdown Protesters were angered over the latest COVID-19 measures in Barcelona, Spain. Protesters took to the streets on Friday and clashed with police as they objected to the restrictions.

It could be seen that about 50 demonstrators threw bricks and fireworks at police. Some fires were also set on roads.

Earlier in the day, about 700 people staged a peaceful demonstration, with the violence erupting in the evening.

Spain imposed a state of emergency to try and halt the rise of infections. The state of emergency grants regional authorities the power to limit freedom of movement through lockdowns and curfews, with bars and restaurants closed since mid-October but a new 10 p.m. local time curfew.

Spain's coronavirus death toll rose by 512 over the weekend. Spain’s coronavirus Covid-19 death toll rose to 39,345 on Monday, an increase of 512 compared with Friday, according to Health Ministry data.

However, the number of deaths during the past seven days was slightly down at 1,054 on Monday compared with Friday’s 1,088.

The total cumulative number of cases rose to 1,381,218 on Monday from 1,328,832 on Friday.

Spain is certainly one of the hardest-hit countries by COVID-19. At the end of October, Spain imposed a 6-month state of emergency, giving regions legal backing to implement curfews and restrict travel in a bid to control the spread of COVID-19.

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